Warden Winifred Turtlewing

  • Age: 35
  • Profession: Warden of Falcon Fog Penal Branch
  • Abilities: Flying
  • Possessions: His giant hummingbird. He called them pudlies, but the formal name is Puddlehummers.
  • Philosophy/ Motto: Fistss and firrre make poor substitutes for fooolery. Outfox your foes, Jessie, and spare your blade the fatigue. “Only you can make yourself successful and make others love you.”
  • Nickname: Winnie


A trickster fairy who speaks in riddles and wants to imprison everyone who comes across him.

The fairy king offers the first challenge to our protagonists and introduces another race to the readers. He’s potentially offering advice but it’s confusing and causes problems. He also betrays and creates conflict.

He has a penchant for capturing everything in his contraptions to bring them back to the jail.

Physical Appearance:

Piercing gray or white eyes. Wavy black hair with streaks of piercing gray or white. Fair skinned, probably white.

Tall, wavy hair, black with heavy white tips. Long but drooping ears. I watn to stray away from the classic green. He has no wings but can move fast and jump to the point where it’s kind of like flying. These fairies are mischievious and somewhat annoying, not exactly endearing. He has two circular blades around his waist, with hand holds in the middle, for his rapid hand-to-hand combat. They can be set to stun or as blunt objects to control prisoners. He also has a whistle around his neck that makes a longer high pitch than a short lower pitch to alert that prisoners have escaped. Many of the faires have long hair but he does not because he’s only half fairy. He proved his might in battle and his loyalties to the fairies back in the day. He also has some sort of magical billy club that latches horizontally to the back of his belt.

Turtlewing has a long white or beige overcoat, like a trenchcoat, it’s sealed with a golden chain. He has a faded maroon bow for a tie and matching maroon pants. His shoulders are extremely pointed and wide. He has fluff coming from several parts, like a fluffy cumberbun around his neck area and baggy, fluffy pants.


  • External Motivation: To imprison the worst offenders in the world. To imprison Solt Vallark.
  • Internal Motivation: To become the leader of the world and have people appreciate him as a complete fairy. He doesn’t really have a true identity.
  • Flaw: He’s a lawman, but his view on justice is questionable, being more of a fairy who just likes capturing ot punishing people.
  • Positive Traits: Spontaneous, spunky, whimsical, imaginative, thrifty, observant, curious, discreet, flamboyant, funny, adventurous, alert,
  • Negative Traits: Addictive, childish, compulsive, controlling, devious, evasive, gossipy, irresponislbe, obsessive, prejudiced, unethical,
  • Quirks and Mannerisms: Capturing things. Making little trap devices. Sticking his nose in others’ business. contacting his associates at the jail to make sure everything is fine, he’s a hoarder of people and things, his ears literally perk when he senses danger or gets excited, smiling too much, slinking around
  • Fears and Phobias: Fear of losing his posessions, fear of not being admired

Vocal and personality

take, excellent, commandier, stealth, rapidity, frippery, frivolity, tamper, merriment, whimsy

froodly (incapacitated by second guessing,) whimwhack (capture someone on a whim,) pudlies (his giant hummingbird,) fyit (a swear,) homgam (friendly encounter,) lon-nod dodger (those who dodge confrontation, like war, premeditatively – longterm agreement in their head that they’re avoiding)

fists and fire makes poor substitutes for foolery (trick your opponent,) the stars present their firecrackers and devils come out to play, you can’t appease with savory milk if all they want is sour, pungent wine – I was once that milk, and try hard to not be.

long consennants and vowels, high pitched to low pitch, to the point but mystical or creepy even.

Moderate, educated by fairy military

Half fairy, full fairy culture, fairies have a culture of trickery, loyalty, wealth, and magic.

Oblique for sure. But assertive

Taking charge, wants to be in charge of everything.

Trickster, silly sense of humor, but it’s more for himself or other fairies, as others don’t always understand him.

Early Inspiration:

Miles Teller

Or Karl Urban

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