Llyda Croftwillow

A mysterious woman who is deeply entwined in Collin’s past. Formerly an animal tamer and tour guide at the Enchanted Vivarium (before her abrupt firing), few seem to know of her current whereabouts. She may hold the key to unraveling the truth about Jessie’s sister, the Lango Fever, and the Thunderstones.

  • Age: 45
  • Profession: Former tour guide at the Enchanted Menagerie, researcher and keeper of plants and animals, self-sufficient farmer and pillager.
  • Abilities: No magical abilities. Extremely resourceful, self-sufficient. Bond with animals, gentle nature. Can fix anything.
  • Possessions: Goggles that use the sun’s rays and moonlight to see during inclement weather and night time, during storms. Yellow leather jacket and yellow flower dress. Green bandana around her neck.
  • Philosophy/ Motto: There are no bad animals or people, just people who get in the way.
  • Nickname: Crafty Croft


Llyda’s role is to be found, the main goal of the crew, since she’s seen as the only other one who can be trusted with the Thunderstone, and someone who will know what to do with it. And one of the few people who can still navigate and figure out access to the Enchanted Menagerie.

Physical Appearance

Wavy and primped golden blonde hair, cut short to the neck. Fair skin with hints of auburn cheeks and blush makeup. Thin and normal sized. Goggles, a green bandana around her neck with a red pendant. Everything is yellow/brown except for the bandana and pendent. Golden leather waistcoat. Brownish yellow sport coat of felt or corduroy. A light brown leather workers belt lined with pouches and pistols, holsters. Fauna samples and maps and guide books and jerky scraps to use as treats for animals in her pouches. Occasionally a long sniping musket for long range encounters. She’s more of a stealth and defense fighter. Doesn’t like actual conflict. More about keeping threats at bay and protecting her territory.


  • External Motivation: Protect what’s left of the animals (foxes) from the reign of the Clerics. Get back control of the menagerie.
  • Internal Motivation:
  • Flaw: Untrusting
  • Positive Traits:
  • Negative Traits:
  • Quirks and Mannerisms:
  • Fears and Phobias:

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