• Age: 45
  • Profession:Putzer abouter, drinker of wines, chewer of fish cud, Chuckball extraordinaire, exiled froggrin
  • Home:Isinblad Bog
  • Abilities: Jumping, climbing, pitching a mean Chuckball, welcoming partygoers
  • Possessions: Baseball bat, multicolored win bottles strapped to his belt, shackles around his wrists (their chain between broken)
  • Philosophy/ Motto: Everyone should thank the party host, preferably with food or gold.
  • Nicknames:


Froggrin who Jessie encounters in the bogs of Vinehearth. Fobnog finds Isla’s baseball, making him a target for Jessie. But Fobnog, like most Froggrins is more interested in lunch than figuring out who he’s talking to, and, therefore, he wants to play a game with Jessie to trade for his life, potentially the baseball and the thunderstone. Fobnog was banned from Fiddler’s Gauntlet so he fends for himself but potentially leads a cozier life due west in Vinehearth, not safer, but with plenty of food if he can catch it. Lots of threats though, too. Fobnog wears gold link armbands, like that of a prince, but they’re actually shackles that he chewed through. Long mud-green hair, large grin.

Physical Appearance

Frog appearance but lengthy, often standing on two legs. Middle-aged, perhaps, but with the hairline of an elderly man.


  • External Motivation:
  • Internal Motivation:
  • Flaw:
  • Positive Traits:
  • Negative Traits:
  • Quirks and Mannerisms:
  • Fears and Phobias:


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