Solt Vallark

  • Age: 50
  • Profession: Former Cleric, businessman, politician, Lango Guardian (allegedly), beastmaster
  • Abilities: Controlling animals, controlling people with his whit and charm
  • Possessions: His scarf mask and staff weapon.
  • Philosophy/ Motto: Make your enemies uneducated and the unbiased feel fortunate.
  • Nickname: Vallark


A bad Starpainter who hates animals (and uses his control of animals so that they’re like slaves) and wants the wisest people to control the world.

Solt Vallark is our main antagonist. He comes from a different star which held the same beliefs as other Starpainters, but stirs up too much controversy and strives for attention. He’s the main reason for the uprising and oppression, and the reason people want to steal the mermaids before he has a chance.

Physical Appearance:

Buzzed white hair. Dapper, but with all one color clothing and a mask to cover his face and maybe eyes. I see stripes on his bandana.

What’s under the bandana? He says he wears it so he isn’t noticed in public, but everyone knows this is BS since it’s easier to identify him as the guy with the bandana mask. His face was burned while fighting in the war. However, much of his profession was performance and face-to-face business. So, a teasing Two conjured him a bandana, joking that it’s a solution. Solt took the bandana and mutated it, allowing him to cover his face but pull above his entire face to transform his appearance into someone else’s.


  • External Motivation: To gain full control of the zoo, harvest it for artistic resources, and preserve the mermaids to manufacture a utopia.
  • Internal Motivation: To get people to like him and worship him for his knowledge and magical prowess.
  • Flaw: Extreme vanity, wants everyone to like him, super cocky – can be coaxed
  • Positive Traits: Wholesome, wise, helps communities (even if it’s superficial, like a gangster) talented, spiritual, sophisticated, proper, persuasive, loyal (pays out those who’ve helped him), industrious, imaginative, hospitable, seemingly generous, discrete, focused. adventurous, ambitious, analytical
  • Negative Traits: Superstitious, unethical, vain, violent (discretely), vindictive (if you don’t accept his bribes,) pretentious, selfish, manipulative, greedy, cocky, dishonest
  • Quirks and Mannerisms: Checking in on his businesses- having full control over casting,
  • Fears and Phobias: Fear of looking bad, being laughed at, failure, peeople seeing his face, fear of what animals can do, but not fighting them

Vocal and personality

the house is burning and you’re taking your time on the toilet (stop what you’re doing and do what I want), Make your enemies uneducated and the unbiased feel fortunate, why scout whale for oil when tree oil burns the same flame (take the easy route,) pickle sauce is cheap, yet everyone wants more, all the time (it’s easy to bribe anyone with preservation items or techniques)

woo and release (charm someone and set them off to sing your praise,) low-soul (inferior,) fine coats/caps (superior, classy people), pick your brain, darling, pickle sauce (assistance to preserve your life)

I help you, you help me, for the greater cause, merit, popular, exclusive, conservative, scholasticism, founders, patriarc, obscurity

Somewhat fast and punchy speech patterns, indimitating but charming and convincing, I’m feeling denzel washington’s speech pattern in American Gangster.

High education level – taught from the best scholars in performance art, martial arts, and battle strategy. He’s a self-taught businessman.

Charming and funny when being manipulative

Visual Inspiration:

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