Dr. Red Tennie

One of the most esteemed Lango Guardians in history. Captain of the Soaring Beacon, a large medical ship with a written code to treat all diseases, hexes, and curses, regardless of a person’s social, financial, or criminal status. A powerful and influential figure in the world of Breckon Bore. Aurinda believes Dr. Tennie holds the key to Collin’s fortune. He has a vested interest in the events unfolding around Jessie. His motives are unclear, but he possesses significant knowledge about the magical world.

  • Age: 55
  • Profession: Mentor, former Cleric, Captain of the Soaring Beacon, Lango Guardian
  • Abilities: Healing, Lango Guardian
  • Possessions: Cap, His whole outfit and hat are treasured but he truly protects his paints.
  • Philosophy/ Motto: Much as with a fine cap, if the head is too big an empire tatters. Be decent and forget about your gut – use logic.
  • Nickname: Two (his father named he and his brother numbers so they could choose their own names later)


Verahawkins is a mentor to both Rowan and Jerilynn. He outlines much of the world’s history and provides motivation to Joon to reunite. He also creates many enemy motivations, like with Collin Qwake, since many people see all Starpainters as gone bad.

I’m thinking both him and Joon were treated poorly by their father, but they ended up taking it out on each other, or at least not communicating, never creating a bond or alliance because of their similarities, always feeling like they were on their own.

Physical Appearance:

Styled like a kingsman.

6’4”, 200 pounds, darker skin.

Slim but athletic. Bald or with a short clean cut, short on the sides. Amber eyes, like with a slight hint of red. Sharp jaw, maybe a clean beard but I’m thinking not. Cheekbones are strong. His broad shoulders are most prominent.

Tailored, fancy clothes, often wearing a cap and gloves. Suit with tie, waistcoat.

I see Red as having a noble background. Culture and style and etiquette, influenced by the Clerics and alchemists.


  • External Motivation: Take back power from Solt Vallark.
  • Internal Motivation: Stop lying to himself about the state of the Clerics. Accept others. Find peace in imperfection.
  • Flaw: He thinks his way is always right.
  • Positive Traits: Alert, ambitious, analytical, calm, confident, courageous, curteous, creative, decisive, disciplined, efficient, focused, happy, honest, gentle, honorable, hospitable, mature, philisophical, professional, sophisticated, studious, supportive, traditional, wise
  • Negative Traits: Controlling, hypocritical, ignorant, impatient, know-it-all, maybe materialistic, perfectionist, prejudiced, a bit selfish, vain,
  • Quirks and Mannerisms: Looking at his hat and smelling it before putting it on, checking his suit for stains or rips, having cronies – whispering to them, wearing a trench coat while painting
  • Fears and Phobias: Fear of water, that’s why he lives in a high up tree and usually travels by bird or something more clever.

Vocab and sayings

Promises and logic don’t bind well, Much as with a fine cap, if the head is overgrown an empire tatters (we must find the right fit), when stars fade the sky doesn’t make it’s own light (greatness must be replaced)

rather, a bit, transcendent, names of cool clothing, dapper, add iron to your shoulders (stand tall – strong shoulders),

Slow and pointed, pausing, somewhat like Obama or the Kingsman guy. Changing pitches, moving his hands when needed.

powers that reside, add iron to your shoulders, tackmaster (lowlife, person with no class,) shruggery (apathy)

Direct and assertive but a bit rambling. Proactive.

Dry, devilish sense of humor, laughs at clever and hard jokes, maybe the ones that others wouldn’t laugh at.

Very high education level

Early Inspiration:

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