Lacey Woodward

  • Age: 30
  • Profession: Refugee, slave, potential Lango Empress
  • Abilities: Perhaps Lango Empress powers
  • Possessions: Her monicle and holsters.
  • Philosophy/ Motto: “Do good and party hard, on opposing days.” “I’ve grown to know a people who revel in slashing loyalties and building dams. I dream of a world where, instead, for no particular gain, we carelessly ring bells and spring fruitful leaks. A place of trading for nurturement without opportunism. A place where song results from love, not victory. A place where leaders turn rulers into followers and themselves into servants. But we’re not there. Not without people like you.” Giving a mermaid pants doesn’t add legs (know your limitations), the sea preserves better than it kills (it’s hard to make change), all men bloat when taken by the sea’s salt (everyone has a weakness,) the power hungry are sharp feathered seabirds, elusive, cocky, and elegant, full bellies yet beaks overflowing with smelt, and I for one, am the clearest of window panes.
  • Nickname: Lace


Lacey presents the everyman or woman, with a confusing upbringing but big goals. She sees the world around her and wants to change it but doesn’t know how, and is brought to her knees by often opting for vices like gambling, drinking, and men. She drives the plot as motivation for Buckshot and Joon. She also offers incredible knowledge to Rowan (providing a buffer between him and Joon’s disdain for him,) but draws conflict between her and Jerilyyn because her eye is drawn to her husband, probably the replica. From her own perspective, she pushes the plot as a potential solution to the terrors of the world – there are people who care.

A nice girl with grand ideals, but many demons.

Physical Appearance:

Black hair with streaks of light brown. Black eyes. 5’5” and 120 pounds. Thin lips, foggy eyes, petite nose and chin. A little curvy but still tomboyish. She’s more attractive than one might assume. What stands out is her shortness and curves.

Three things fill her holsters: trade publications/newsletters (Breckon Bore Bark or Blab) – she’s an avid reader and connects with Rowan in this way, guns, and Sozzle Dronk.

Wide eyes and foggy eye shadow. Monocle for reading that she clips on her vest.

Tattoo from her time in a brothel.

Thick hair placed into two braids on a regular basis. She lets her hair down when she sets out alone.

Sued and bits of leather. A blue vest over a white blouse, sometimes no blouse. Tighter brown suede pants. black boots with lots of buckles, several straps for holsters. She’s stylish, wears the same stuff over and over, but knows how to utilize everything to make different outfits. Everything is fairly snug. Pristine shoes, shined and buckled.


  • External Motivation: She has political aspirations, a smart woman with opportunist tendencies. She wants to one day govern in Breckon Bore.
  • Internal Motivation: To be self-sufficient and happy with herself. To stop falling for terrible guys and making her anxiety worse with the use of coping mechanisms. To focus on finding her own way. Stop relying on others.
  • Flaw: Most vices, gambling, alcohol, etc. Falling for the wrong guys.
  • Positive Traits: diplomatic, intelligent, a people person, empathetic, friendly, ambitious, Talented, Witty, trusting, tolerant, spontaneous, spiritual, sentimental, playful, perceptive, passionate, just, kind, loyal, nurturing,
  • Negative Traits: Sensual, addictive, somewhat childish, reliant, promiscous, reckless, rowdy, self-destructive, self-indulgent, materialistic, irresponsible, needing help alot – to be bailed out, frivolous, gullible, impulsive,
  • Quirks and Mannerisms: Being gentle and physical – touching people to reassure. Showing up late, dissapearing. Bickering with Joon. Talking about her aspirations, giving sage advise, even though she doesn’t have much experience – she’s just a nice person. Stocking her holsters with half guns and half Sozzle Dronk (booze) – it’s easier, and funnier, to say after you’ve had some.
  • Fears and Phobias: Never making anything of her life. Falling back into vices. Seeing other wenches suffer. Slipping back into that life. Losing her friends.

Vocal and sayings, thoughts

According to the Blab. According to the Bark. it’s okay. someday. peace. democracy. thinkers. diplomacy.

admirally, what in the heck, whatever, dunno, let me tug on some hairs (see what I can do – maybe referring to pulling on Joon’s hair), pull a mind wipe, life lead (mentor), snobocracy (elitism), I’ve grown to know a people who revel in singing loyalties and building dams. I dream of a world where instead, for no particular gain, we ring careless bells and spring fruitful leaks – a place of trading for nurturement without opportunism. A place where song means love, not victory. But we’re not there. Not without people like you.

Doesn’t use “the, at least at the beginning of sentences. rambling, gentle advice and wonderings.

Highly educated, self-taught.

believes in a force for good – a connection throughout the universe that balances out the bad. Culture is pirate wench, so a partier, but she’s refined – likes to think she’s a classy partier.

Passive, Wholesome and classy, intelligent humor, graspable by everyone. She’s sweet with her humor.

Early Inspiration:

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