Buckshot Cunningham

A pirate afflicted with a curse that causes him to grow incredibly tall. Initially seen as a hazard to Jessie, Buckshot, or Buck, eventually becomes an important, yet sometimes troublesome, mentor. His navigational knowledge of Breckon Bore is unparalleled. And the curse, although destroying his body, provides strength to carry a ruthless weapon: a crossbow made from a ship’s anchor.

  • Age: 40
  • Profession: Pirate of pelts and perfumes
  • Abilities: He’s incredibly strong, only he can carry the weight of his anchor. It’s used as a swinging weapon and he also fashioned a crossbow type device to fire it at ships. Also gets mutated a second time to have one wing. His size changes as he gets emotional, so he must avoid emotions, which is difficult for him.
  • Possessions: His crossbow made from an achor, named Legor (Ha, Legor’s no lassy. Men’re victims of his batterin’, not brains or a bushy tail)
  • Philosophy/ Motto: I’m number one, but don’t forget to go back for loved ones. Fuck everyone else – literally and figuratively.
  • Nickname:
  • Nationality: Japanese American or white


Fat pirate who wants venegance on the Clerics for making him fat.

Buckshot serves as the reason, and transportation, for Rowan and Jerilyn to visit the Clerics and fairies and Froggrins. He gives them a chance to make their own wishes come true, while providing comical relief and a strong start to the story. He should have a touching sub-plot that introduces more about the Starpainters, Joon’s father, and his affection for Joon and Lacey.

Studied in seafaring hostpitality – found he was better at robbing his guests on a sightseeing voyage.

Physical Appearance:

Thinking of changing this to tall and gaunt

Black and long, greasy and wavy – bearded. Deep brown eyes.

Could be an asian man. Fat guy maybe. Probably no beard. Never wears a shirt and wear tight fitting leather pants. Uses an crossbow fashioned out of an anchor.


  • External Motivation: To find a Starpainter and get a mermaid so as to reverse his curse, which was to make him fat and smell of fish and incapable of telling the truth.
  • Internal Motivation: To make a better life for Joon and Lacey, to redeem himself, as he knew their father and failed to protect them from a life of pain and wenchism.
  • Flaw:
  • Positive Traits: Adventurous, affectionate, bold, confident, creative, discreet, extraverted, flirtatious, independent, loyal, nurturing, playful
  • Negative Traits: Obsessed with vengence, an obsessive excape artist – usually runs before trying anything else. Insanely superstition, doesn’t trust painters, race is Asian, his mother was a mermaid so he’s most comfortable in the water. obsessive, a bit cowardly, abandonment issues, evasive, loud and boisterous, rowdy, superstitious, uncommunicative, promiscuous
  • Quirks and Mannerisms: Talking to every woman, adjusting his pants, hating everyone who talks to his wenches, escaping without telling anyone
  • Fears and Phobias: Fear of commitment, fear of flying animals (he’ll willingly jump in the water to wrestle a whale)

Vocal and slang

sea boys, dodgism, thudlum, rabblebrat, compunk, comrat (comrad with rat), banker of burdens – the earthly type (pirate)

master in the fine arts of dodgism, Lassy, lad, bushy tail, me tenders/tinders (his groin), Legor, jangle, tide country, sea boys, boys or the nautical type.

Seas, monsters, beasts, sailors, bad guys and good guys, crime for the greater good, justifications, escape artist, his take on women

Rambling about himself and tales that dont always make sense, loud authorititative points, trailing off into quiet when he’s escaping – potential for throwing his voice, smooth talker and obnoxious when with women – objectifies but in a playful way

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