Laurentian Lakes (Lawless Lakes)

Named Laurentian Lakes but crossed out on the map to read Lawless Lakes.

Made up of four Great Lakes and a bog passageway:

  • Lake Glacia or Lake Glassa (meaning glacier or ice): Inspired by Lake Superior, the deepest, windiest, and iciest lake. Up north. The hardest of villagers, workers, and sailor reside here. The ice steps are up here too, and the Irksome Freeze. Home to some iron whales, dinosaurs, and husk hounds.
  • Suave Lake: Inspired by Lake Huron. A long, thin lake known for housing serpent monsters and having a sweet taste to its water.
  • Mont Sand: Inspired by Lake Michigan. The most inhabited, built-up lake. People from this lake are considered city people. Residentship grew because of the desire to live on its shifting terrains, since it has massive sand dunes, bluffs, prairies, beaches, and large trees overhanging the waters. Euchaberry is on this lake.
  • Duno Hollows: Inspired by Lake Ontario. The smallest but deepest of the lakes. Features rich blue, glistening waters, the cleanest looking. Has the most beautiful of port towns. Perhaps home to that beautiful town King. Home to mystical birds of prey and man-sized sturgeon and trout, which the bids battle or hunt.
  • Isinblad Bog: This name means something like “Sturgeon bladder”. Not really a lake, but a marsh or bog connected to Mont Sand. Inspired by Lake Erie. Contains vicious creatures and difficult to navigate waters without a shallow ship.

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