Joon Olivet

  • Age: 45
  • Profession: Pirate/wench
  • Abilities: Shapeshifting, thievery, deception, hypnosis, This has to be a samson type thing where she loses her focus and skill without her hair. Maybe her jewels are amulets that bring her more power, but she uses them for fixing and solving problems as opposed to destroying or trying to solve other people’s problems. She gets these gems from her travels, only taking from the bad guys and only taking one item from each plunder. This is how she remains connected to the stars, painting in her own way, using her hair as a canvas.
  • Possessions: Hair jewelry, muskets, long cape, the actual hair as well
  • Philosophy/ Motto: You wake up in your own mind every morning; no one else, not even family can ensure you of anything.
  • Nickname: Joon
  • Nationality/species: Black, shapeshifter (formerly a frequent mermaid)


A former wench with daddy issues and extremely long hair.

Joon provides a link to Verahawkins Two and the Stairpainter blood line. She has potential for magical powers that can become beneficial. She also provides motivation for Buckshot, who strives to protect and redeem. She’s a friend to Lacey but they are always trying to outdo each other and vie for Buckshot’s attention.

Her brother is Two. They don’t get along much. She hates her starpainter father who didn’t see much use for a girl so she got sold into a crap marriage, which was basically slavery.

Physical Appearance:

Tall, taller than Aurinda, wide shoulders and a thin frame. Somewhat of an Amazon. Long hair down to her knees. She occasionally ties it in a snake-like loop atop her head or covers it in a cape/sash that’s linked to her shirt. Her hair is wavy and sparkly, knotted in random spots but with precision and beauty. It’s not uncommon for her to have accessories in her hair, mostly shiny objects. Her sparkles look like the stars and she has a moon pendent in her hair, or maybe one of her ears.

Dark brown hair. Eyes of brown with a glint of blue in one.

Early Inspiration:


  • External Motivation: Vengeance on all people associated with her father.
  • Internal Motivation: To free other slaves of the clerics and begin a long happy life with Buckshot. And to make amends with her brother, who was the only one who was good to her.
  • Flaw: Doesn’t take critisism well. Thinks she’s smarter than everyone, especially less experienced people, so doesn’t help them much.
  • Positive Traits: Adaptable. adventurous, thrifty, alert, bold, disciplined, flirtatious, imaginative, loyal, professional, private, resourceful, talented, magical
  • Negative Traits: Abrasive, callous, cocky, confrontational, grumpy but not humorless, impatient, inflexible, jealous, judgemental, know-it-all, prejudiced, a tad promiscous, stubborn, superstitious, uncommunicative,
  • Quirks and Mannerisms: Always has a new hairstyle, always working on things, equipped with an endless number of weapons, abrasive towards outsiders, like a puppy dog with Buckshot
  • Fears and Phobias: Losing her hair, seeing her brother, doesn’t like kids – even teenagers.

Vocal and voice

sleezy, goon, toughie, scumble, nerd, tintzy, prancing bum, low hole,

Nautical, individualist, the sea is filled with monsters, but it hides its shame, not like the land, devils eating darlings and brag about it.

High education, whether or not it was formally learned

Floon (saloon or drinking), feller bandit (prostitute), Shottie (Buckshot), rack (shitty boat)

Has an aggressive, some might say mean, sense of humor. Only shares it with Shottie and Lace.

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