Jessie Fly

A curious and resilient, yet meek, young man hailing from Roe’s Point, Michigan. He has a strong urge for protecting people, hence his enrollment in the Coast Guard. Jessie is haunted by the disappearance of his sister. His determination to uncover the truth leads him to embark on a thrilling adventure, by way of letters from his estranged father.

  • Age: 17
  • Profession: Son of lightkeeper, tour guide at the local history museum
  • Abilities: Unknown (Promise for Lango powers, alchemy, or beastmaster)
  • Possessions: His colorful scarve given to him from his father, close to matching his mother’s. His old travel log book, even though he’s never traveled. A dragonfly pendant.
  • Philosophy/ Motto: “Danger beats boredom any day of the week.”
    The sea is a sturdy clock. On your bedside, a clock waits, serving its purpose, still, comforting, and repetitive, until you dissect it to reveal both coordination and chaos in motion, an intricate wonder.” “ You only have one life to live; make it count.”
  • Nickname: Jolly Jessie Fly


Jessie’s role is our protaganist, who lives a dull, lonely life and is hurled into dangers and mysticism he never expected. He has much to learn and presents unique talents to steal the mermaids, potentially fight off the Starpainter, and even find his father. However, those talents don’t really come to fruition, he’s not as naturally skilled as others. Jessie protects his mother and thinks similar to her, but also butts heads, creating controversy and humor. He may hold a skill like with animals or breaking into things or rescuing people that proves valuable for the secret heist.

Physical Appearance:

Hair is Long – to his shoulders – wiry and black with a shine to it. Medium skin. Thin, gaunt, attractive, but looking like he could be weak and fragile, he’s actually athletic. 6’6”, 150 pounds, black hair color with flat, long hair to his ears or neck. Black eyes, slightly narrowed eyes. Tries to grow a beard but he can’t. Comes up with a thin mustache and chin beard. Long rounded chin, strong nose and lips. Bushy eyebrows. Dark glistening eyes are most prominent. His thin frame and jagged joints are most prominent bodily feature.

Clothing includes A sport coat for lightkeepers, white button down and scarf, all tattered and windblown. Wears a winter skull cap but mainly a top hat like an adventurer. The scarf is always on him, the hat over his eyes, shortened pants so as not to get wet, the shirt never buttoned, and the sportcoat as a place to sit. Rarely wears shoes, has wool socks and rugged water boots – jungle boots where he punched holes in the sides.


  • External Motivation: To find his lost sister, learn more about his father.
  • Internal Motivation: He wants to be loved by and learn from others besides his parents. Friendship and comraderie and romantic love and adventures.
  • Flaw: Naive and envious. A little elitism at this young age. Thinks he deserves better.
  • Positive Traits: Adventurous, ambitious, nurturing, friendly
  • Negative Traits: Somewhat disloyal, naive, a bit materialistic, over confident, somewhat uncooperative
  • Quirks and Mannerisms: Talking with animals and nature even though they don’t talk back. Being sarcastic with his mother. Always checking for an making sure he wears his bandana in his pocket.
  • Fears and Phobias: Fear of missing out and being forgotten. Fear of never finding love, whether from friends or romantically. Fear of living in the same place his whole life.

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