Collin Qwake

Jessie’s father, a man with many secrets. Married to Aurinda Qwake. He is a loving father but has kept parts of his life hidden from his family, secrets that could link up to the disappearance of his daughter, Lacey. His past actions, friends, and enemies have far-reaching consequences that Jessie has to deal with during his journey.

  • Age: 45
  • Profession: Lightkeeper, alchemist, revolutionary
  • Abilities: Alchemy, writing love letters
  • Possessions: Note with questionable instructions on how to destroy the Thunderstone
  • Philosophy/ Motto:


Changed his kids names so they wouldn’t be found.

Jessie’s father. A rugged man who oversees the lighthouse and joins the resistance to keep them from harassing his family.

Collin’s role is for motivation for the mom and to pull the mom and son into the rebellion, since he was a leader in the resistance. He also has mystical powers or at least connections to the Starpainters, for information and as a leading force in the takedown of Cleric tyranny. In addition, he works to provide juxtaposition between him and his replica and make it seem like the replica is good all around, but he’s not.

Physical Appearance:

Black hair with bristled gray. Brown eyes. One glass eye. White, Scandinavian.


  • External motivation: To help take the Clerics out of power and destructure the clerics. And to prevent them from harassing his family. At this point, he plans to excape.
  • Internal motivation: To see his wife, send her letters, and get to see his son grow up – to live a normal life, the life he loves, and the profession he loves, lightkeeping.
  • Flaw: Too optimistic with his alchemy; produced deadly results in attempts to bring peace with his work
  • Positive Traits:
  • Negative Traits:
  • Quirks and Mannerisms:
  • Fears and Phobias:

Early Inspiration:

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